Friday, April 29, 2011

They're Coming for Roe on Vimeo - Center for Reproductive Rights -- First, it was the health care battle. Then it was the budget battle. Now, anti-choice lawmakers are trying to deny women insurance for abortion and allow hospitals to let women die. Where does this lead? Where will it end?

The most aggressive anti-choice attack in years is underway in the U. S. House of Representatives with a series of bills that invade women’s private health decisions. These actions represent a huge step back for women and the most vicious attack on women's health and rights in several decades.
The Huge Step Back campaign is taking these threats head-on by:
  • Aggressively tracking bills targeting women's reproductive rights;
  • Analyzing proposed bills for constitutional rights violations;
  • Meeting and educating lawmakers on Capitol Hill and advocating against attacks;
  • Providing supplemental testimony to hearings on anti-choice bills;
  • Arming you with tools to fight back against the anti-woman, anti-child, and anti-health attacks coming from Congress.

Let there be no confusion about these bills. Their main target is women, and their goal is to intrude on how women make decisions about their own medical care.