Monday, April 11, 2011

Westside Healthcare Coalition Mails Misleading Brochures about St. Vincent's Hospital

Last week, several residents of the Lower West Side of Manhattan received a brochure in the mail from a group calling itself the Westside Healthcare Coalition.

Members of the community, who have been fighting -- first to save St. Vincent’s Hospital from closing, then to restore a hospital to the community after St. Vincent’s was closed -- expressed outrage at having received the mailing, which they described as misleading. The community has been unified in opposing any sale of St. Vincent’s real estate properties for planned luxury condo-conversion plans.

“West Villagers are being warned about a flyer and questionnaire that has been mailed to thousands of residents in an attempt to get them to express support for the condo-redevelopment of St. Vincent's Hospital,” reported WestView News.

For quotes by residents of the Lower West Side, who question the existence of Westside Healthcare Coalition, please read the Westview News article at :

A WhoIs search on Network Solutions showed today that the website for the unknown group (that was the source of the mailing) is registered to Mehigan, Bellone & Associates, Inc., a marketing company based in Schenectady. 

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