Saturday, May 7, 2011

Man Hit By Car on Crossbay Blvd and Liberty Avenue - April 29th...

I took the above photos on Friday evening, April 29th at about 6:15 pm, as I was going to the Ridgewood Democratic Club for the monthly meeting.

I observed a man who was hit by a black sedan lying on the ground at the intersection of Crossbay Blvd and Liberty Avenue in front of the former OTB.

The EMTs from Jamaica Hospital and cops from the 106 Pct showed up while I was still there. The driver remained at the scene.

Witnesses told me that the driver of the car was impatient and jumped the red light striking the man as he entered the crosswalk and dragged him a about 10 feet before coming to a complete stop. The driver of the car was a middle-aged black woman, she was accompanied by a male passenger.

The pedestrian seemed to be injured and in shock. He remained on the ground until the EMT's arrived and placed him on a back board and a neck brace. I heard him complaining of back and neck injuries while he was on the ground.