Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Join Public Advocate de Blasio in Calling for Reforms at ExxonMobil

Last Thursday, ExxonMobil announced $11 billion in first quarter profits thanks to skyrocketing gas prices. This comes on the heels of recent reports that ExxonMobil received millions in federal tax breaks last year and didn't pay a penny on tax day!

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio has called on ExxonMobil and the biggest recipients of corporate tax breaks to pledge that this latest windfall will not be spent on political contributions and electioneering. Click here for the story in today's Huffington Post.

Can you join Bill's call to action by sending an email to ExxonMobil?

Tax rebates should be used to grow the economy not bankroll the political causes of corporate executives.

Please take a quick moment to call on ExxonMobil to fully disclose all political spending and encourage others to also sign on at