Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sshhh! It's a Surprise! from the Working Families Party - Pete Seeger's 92nd Birthday

So, we pause from the hurly-burly of organizing and politics, the need for jobs and clean water, and even the antics of idiotic right-wing Presidential candidates to note something wonderful.

Today is Pete Seeger's 92nd birthday. Folk singer, song writer, activist – the man is a living legend and a friend to the Working Families Party.

Some younger folks may remember Pete as the guy in the flannel shirt joining Bruce Springsteen on stage to perform “This Land is Your Land” at Barack Obama’s inaugural concert two years ago.

Whether or not you know the impact that he has made, each of us knows of the gains that social movements have made – at the workplace, the lunch counter, on a fishing boat, or at a mass demonstration for peace – that came in part due to Pete and his banjo. 

Please join us in giving Pete a memorable birthday. Watch this video that Pete made for the WFP last year, and then add your name to our Birthday Card:

If there is an American alive who more deserves the good wishes and gratitude of his countrymen, we don’t know who that is. For 70 years, Pete has fought the good fight with music, wit, smarts and love.

Since before most of us were born, Pete’s shown us that things can improve, but only if we organize. Cynicism is the easy way out, he’s taught us.

Pete has always believed in the ability of ordinary people to change the world. And we believe in the ability of ordinary people to know when to stop and say thanks.

Please forward to anyone and everyone, and let's get thousands of Americans to let this wonderful man know how much we appreciate how hard he has worked to make America truly a land with liberty and justice for all.

Don’t forget to help us spread the word – we guarantee Pete will be surprised by your outpouring! We’ll send the card at the end of the week.

All the best,
Dan Cantor
Executive Director, WFP