Thursday, May 5, 2011

Crowley Speaks Out Against GOP’s Pro-Tax Increase and Anti-Choice Bill

Below are Congressman Joe Crowley’s (D-Queens, the Bronx) remarks as prepared for delivery on the House floor today during debate on the Republicans’ H.R. 3 – legislation that would infringe on Americans’ rights to make decisions about their own health as well as prohibit employers from receiving tax credits for employees’ health care coverage if the plan includes abortion care, ultimately raising costs for employees’ health insurance and burdening America’s small businesses:

Mr. Speaker, on the Republicans’ 100th day of majority rule in the House, I stood speechless on the House floor at their failed campaign promise to focus on job creation and economic growth.

They say actions speak louder than words, and it is true.

For all the Republicans’ talk about putting Americans back to work, their actions demonstrate this is the least of their priorities. Instead, they have cut jobs, raised taxes and reduced Americans’ access to health care.

The bill being debated today also has no jobs component whatsoever. In fact, it will raise taxes and hamper small businesses. In their ideological zeal to restrict women’s right to choose, the Republicans have prioritized a measure that the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce calls a “slap in the face” to small business owners.

My colleagues, please remember that your actions, not words, are what truly speak for you.

If you vote for this bill, you are voting to raise taxes and hurt small businesses.

I urge you to vote to uphold your campaign promises.

Vote no on this bill and let’s get back to work on America’s priorities.”