Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fundraiser Held in Howard Beach for Mary Napolitano - Queens Chronicle

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Honoree Mary Napolitano, left, with her husband, John, and children, DawnMarie, left, Dana and Christopher (not in photo). (photo courtesy 2 PLUS 2 Entertainment)

With the help and support of many close friends and acquaintances, Mary Napolitano’s sister, Nancy, and friend Maria DelCielo, threw a fundraising party in her honor Monday night at Russo’s on the Bay in Howard Beach.

Napolitano has been winning her battle with pancreatic cancer for four years, during which time she has worked closely with Angels on the Bay Evaluation Center in Howard Beach, helping to raise more than $200,000 for others in need.

Monday night was her turn. Some 500 friends and relatives turned out to raise funds for Napolitano’s medical care. According to Nick LoPrinzi, a friend who attended the event with his wife, “The room was consumed with love and prayers.”

Proud to see his community rally together to help Napolitano and her family, LoPrinzi said Napolitano is more than deserving of the support.

“Mary’s spirit shines like a beacon of light and instead of seeing her weakness, we see her and her family as a source of strength and inspiration,” LoPrinzi said. “She has the essence of Mother Teresa dwelling in her heart.”

LoPrinzi continued, “Mary gives of herself, both heart and soul, and she continues to spread the goodness and compassion that only she can offer.”