Saturday, November 22, 2008

Queens Commuters Face Largest Cuts In Bus Routes by Ruschell Boone - NY1

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Riders in Jamaica, Queens who use the Q56 will soon have to find another way to get around the borough. It's one of seven bus routes in Queens slated to be eliminated by the MTA.

That's not sitting well with some commuters.

"If anything they should add more service onto this," said a rider.

"I take this bus from Brooklyn down here to Queens everyday and this really affects me because this is the only way of transportation that I have,” said another. “Taking the J train it doesn't work for me that well."

To help close its $1.2 billion deficit next year the MTA is cutting 26 bus routes across the city. The agency says all of those being eliminated are either close to other bus and subway lines or have low ridership.

Among those being cut are the Q26, Q56, Q74, Q75, and Q84 local buses and the QM22 and 23 express buses.

"It's very inconvenient for regular commuters like me."

And while a number of people we spoke with did not like the changes, but some say they'll make due.

"I take the Q56 and then I take the train, or I just stay on the Q56 and transfer to a different bus," said a rider. "There's multiple ways I can get home so it really doesn't bother me."

The cuts are expected to take effect in the spring.