Saturday, December 18, 2010

NY Delegation Split On Tax Cut Vote by Liz Benjamin - Capital Tonight

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Members of the New York delegation were sharply divided on last night’s 277-148 vote to pass the tax cut deal President Obama brokered with the Republicans, with the more liberal members making good on pledges to oppose the measure.

Not surprisingly, the three lone Republicans – Chris Lee, Pete King and the newest House member, Tom Reed – voted “yes.” (They’ll soon be joined by five GOP freshmen, a number of whom have said they would have voted in the affirmative had they been given the chance).

All of the outgoing Democrats also voted “yes,” even if they lean toward the left, which I found interesting.

Here’s how the NY vote broke down:

YES: Arcuri, Bishop, Crowley, Hall, Higgins, Israel, King, Lee, Lowey, Maffei, Maloney, McMahon, Meeks, Murphy, Owens.

NO: Ackerman, Clarke, Engel, Hinchey, Nadler, Rangel, Serrano, Slaughter, Tonko, Towns, Velazquez, Weiner.

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, a Long Island Democrat, was one of eight House members who didn’t vote.