Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Senator Addabbo: Statement on Blizzard Cleanup...

Many Residential Side Streets in Senator's District Remain Unplowed Into December 28

“I have utmost respect for the Department of Sanitation workers, and I thank them and others for their efforts following the blizzard. I am disappointed and bothered by the lack of priority given to the residential side streets throughout our communities many hours after the snowfall. These streets remained unplowed and unmanageable for emergency vehicles, people on their way to work and those who had doctor appointments. Given the amount of notice that this sizable snow storm was coming and the hours that passed after the storm, having the streets not plowed was totally unacceptable.”   

“Over the past days, I have been going throughout the district and reporting to the Sanitation Department key areas that are in need of plowing. I have prioritized those blocks that have residents with medical conditions or seniors. As I continue to survey the district, if I can be of any assistance to a specific area, please call either district office with detailed information.”