Thursday, December 30, 2010

Snow Keeps Elderly Wife Out Of Contact With Hospitalized Husband In Ozone Park Queens - CBS New York

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One Queens neighborhood was not only still buried in knee-deep snow drifts Wednesday, but had lost phone service because of phone lines toppled by the wind, Derricke Dennis reports.
Arlene Krasowsky, 69, of Ozone Park was afraid of what could happen. Her husband’s in the hospital. “And if it wasn’t for a neighbor with a cell phone, I got no way to call for help in here,” she said. “If something happens to my husband, what’ll happen?”
On Wednesday, the area saw its first plow in three days. Con Ed arrived on the scene to fix one set of lines, and Verizon came to work on another set.
Then there’s a sewer truck, dispatched on a broken water main, that ended up stranded in the snow.
Resident Philip Russo doesn’t even want to talk about it. “Why am I gonna talk to you?” he joked with Dennis. “What are you do for me? You clean?”
Russo’s in bad health and so is his wife Frances. They said they’re like prisoners.
“I can’t go out unless its completely clear, because God forbid I slip and fall, and I’m ruined for my life,” she said.
Krasowsky, however, wants to go out, and was asking anyone she can for help. She feared she’ll be out of reach, or stranded in the snow, if anything happens to her husband. “The TV stations are a Godsend, because nobody will move without you. Nobody will move without you because they won’t listen to me.”