Sunday, December 19, 2010

Officers Honored for Nabbing Car Thieves by Stephen Geffon - Queens Chronicle

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Frank Dardani, left, president of the 106th Precinct Community Council, officers Andrew Spina and Jennifer Martinez, and Capt. Thomas Pascale, commanding officer of the 106th. PHOTO BY DAVID QUINTANA
Auto thefts have increased significantly across the borough, according to south Queens’ top cop, Assistant Chief James Secreto.

But a recent arrest of three alleged auto thieves in the 106th Precinct by police officers Andrew Spina and Jennifer Martinez may well have put a dent in the problem.

The two officers were honored last week with the Cop of the Month Award for November at the community council meeting for their efforts in getting the alleged perpetrators off the street and recovering the vehicle with no injuries to police or the public.

“These officers are to be commended,” said Capt. Thomas Pascale, commanding officer of the 106th Precinct.

According to Pascale, on Tuesday, Nov. 23 at 6:30 p.m. a resident was loading packages into her Honda CRV while at the Aqueduct Flea Market with the keys left inside the vehicle. Pascale said that while the victim was occupied elsewhere, three individuals took off in her car.

The Cops of the Month with family members and significant others and Captain Pascale.
The captain said that a week later, on Nov. 30, Spina and Martinez while on patrol spotted the stolen Honda going eastbound on Rockaway Boulevard at 127th Street. The officers safely stopped the car at 140th Street and found it to be occupied by three individuals under the age of 16, according to Pascale. The individuals were then placed under arrest.

The plaques awarded to the officers read in part, “In recognition of this fine police officers’ dedication to duty and ideals of our community.”