Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"I'm astonished" - Bill Thompson Targets Bloomberg on Food Stamps

Feb 19, 2009 - New York City Comptroller and mayoral candidate Bill Thompson today demanded that the Mayor reverse his position to block an extension of food stamps for able-bodied adults without dependents, saying that the mayor is ignoring the reality of the economic crisis and its impact on many New Yorkers.

Earlier this week, President Obama signed legislation extending food stamps for America's poor.

But the mayor has rejected the federal aid and won't comply with the spirit of President Obama's economic stimulus.

This is not about ideology -- it's about people struggling to survive and put food on the table while at the same time looking for gainful employment.
We want to help them and give them support.

I'm outraged -- and I need your help to demand action. Watch my speech on the steps of City Hall yesterday - then sign my petition to Mayor Bloomberg, demanding he comply with the President's economic stimulus:

It's easy to say that out-of-work New Yorkers don't need food stamps when you're Mike Bloomberg. After all, billionaires can afford to eat at Manhattan's finest restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

But for those innocent victims hardest hit by the economic crisis, food stamps are the difference between eating a healthy meal and going to bed hungry.

They're the difference between giving a child a bowl of cereal in the morning -- or sending a child to school with nothing at all.

This isn't the first time Mayor Bloomberg has turned his back on the city's hungry. According to the New York Times:

In 2006, Mr. Bloomberg overruled a decision by two of his top aides to seek a federal waiver that would have allowed New Yorkers, along with others in areas with high unemployment, to receive food stamps beyond the time limit.

At a time when the Wall Street bankers get bailed out, why is the Mayor denying people in need the money to buy groceries?

We can't let Mayor Bloomberg turn his back on hungry New Yorkers at a time when they need our help the most. Sign the petition now:

New Yorkers deserve a mayor dedicated to helping all people, not just the most fortunate.