Thursday, February 19, 2009

New York City to Sign Contract with ThermoEnergy By Arkansas Business Staff -

I believe the 26th Ward Water Pollution Control Plant on Jamaica Bay is located on Flatlands Avenue in Brooklyn near Starrett City...

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ThermoEnergy Corp. of Little Rock on Thursday said it will enter into a contract to provide services for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection.

The city published a notice of intent to enter into the contract with ThermoEnergy, which will use its proprietary Ammonia Recovery Process, or ARP, technology at the city's 26th Ward Water Pollution Control Plant on Jamaica Bay.

The ARP is a water treatment method. The company said testing showed the process was able to remove greater than 85 percent of the ammonia from the tested centrate.

"When compared to currently employed biological treatment processes, ARP appears to be one of the more efficient means of removing ammonia from centrate available," the department said.

ARP technology is also able to minimize the release of nutrients to the surrounding waters and prevent "fugitive emissions of greenhouse gases" while also consuming less power than alternative processes, the company said.

"This has been a long, yet gratifying process, for the members of the ThermoEnergy team," CEO Dennis Cossey said in a news release. "We have worked very closely with the DEP engineering staff on this project and I am confident that the ARP technology will meet all the city's goals, as stated in their Nitrogen/Ammonia Reduction Plan, while significantly reducing capital and operating costs at the same time."