Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Citizens Union For Moya, Chapey, Rose by Elizabeth Benjamin - The Daily Politics - NY Daily News

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After interviewing 10 candidates running in the three Feb. 24 City Council special elections, the good government group Citizens Union has announced its endorsements.

Unlike union endorsements, the CU's backing doesn't come with any campaign help with GOTV efforts or phone banks or door knocking. It basically gives candidates bragging rights and the ability to claim the reform mantle.

The CU's choices are:

- Francisco Moya (21st CD). The CU also evaluated Moya's opponents Julissa Ferreras and Jose Eduardo Giraldo, but not George Dixon. The organization called Ferreras "qualified" and praised Giraldo's "business perspective," but ultimately decided on Moya because of his "admirable history of community involvement in the district and his diverse experience at the local, state and federal level."

- Geraldine Chapey (32nd CD). Chapey has been under fire for her aggressive (and successful) efforts to get some of her opponents bounced off the ballot. The CU didn't mention that in its press release, but said it selected Chapey because of her "extensive experience on state and local issues."

Eric Ulrich was also interviewed, and the CU liked his "driven nature, fresh perspective and energetic presence." Two other candidates, Mike Ricatto (who is ON the ballot; it's Glenn DiResto and Sam DiBernardo who are off (fixed)) and Lew Simon were not evaluated.

- Debi Rose (49th CD). After interviewing five candidates, the CU settled on Rose because of her "vibrant presence," ability to serve as an "inspiring advocate" on health care and community issues, knowledge of the district and "strong support" of the organization's reform agenda.

The CU also endorsed Rose's unsuccessful 2001 Council bid.

The other candidates - Rev. Tony Baker, Kenneth Mitchell, Paul Saryian and John Tabacco (now off the ballot) - "also demonstrated a thorough understanding of the needs of the district," the CU stated.