Friday, February 20, 2009

The Wave Endorses Glenn DiResto For City Council - - Wave of Long Island

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Change is in the air. It is not a time for the tried and tired political hacks that have represented Rockaway in the past. It is a time for new blood, for the banishment of old line politics and smoke-filled rooms. It is a time for a City Council candidate to represent Rockaway who does not represent the past. Up until Tuesday, when the court ordered that Glenn DiResto be put back on the ballot, Rockaway residents were offered a poor choice between two mainland candidates, neither of whom knows nor cares much about Rockaway, and two Rockaway candidates who represent the old-line political hacks who have always represented us in the past: Lew Simon and Geraldine Chapey. Now, with Rockaway resident DiResto back on the ballot, we are presented with a real choice. DiResto, a retired NYPD lieutenant with a love for Rockaway and a desire to serve the public, is our candidate of choice. He represents the anti-political, the new breath of fresh air that could invigorate the council the same way that our new administration in Washington, D.C. seems to be invigorating the federal government. We urge you all to get out and vote next Tuesday, February 24, and we urge you to pull the lever for Glenn DiResto.