Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Interview with Azi Paybarah on THE PEREZ NOTES at 7PM on February 25th, 2009...

Azi Paybarah, ever the gossip, in the Fresh Meadows parking lot of The Queens Tribune. Photo by Shams Tarek (

Roberto Perez will be interviewing the New York Observers Azi Paybarah tomorrow night.

To listen to the interview go to

THE PEREZ NOTES airs every Wednesday from 6-8PM so spread the news and tell a friend. Azi will be giving us all a post election analysis so tune in.

Azi Paybarah bio from Wikipedia...

Azi Paybarah is a New York-based journalist who focuses primarily on local politics. A former reporter for the New York Press and editor of a blog hosted by the New York Sun entitled 51st State, Paybarah has recently returned to his former home at The New York Observer, where he writes frequent pieces for their daily blog, The Politicker.

Azi attended the University at Albany, and spent the next few years in the state capital working on campaigns prior to moving back to New York City.