Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dancing at the Jefferson Memorial, Take 2 - Watch American Citizens Arrested for Dancing...

This is unbelievable, Americans arrested for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial last week...What's happened to our country..?

After 5 people got arrested for dancing at the jefferson memorial, hundreds returned to reclaim the right to dance!!! Jefferson would have been proud.

Last week CODEPINKers Medea Benjamin and Tighe Barry and three others were arrested for dancing--silenty--at the Jefferson Memorial. It was an absurd abuse of police power. Now check out the video from yesterday, when hundreds showed up to dance. Yes, numbers matter. When enough good people get together, we can change bad laws and bad policies.

That's why your participation is so important. That's why building coalitions is so important. This week, CODEPINK is joining PDA and National Nurses United (NNU) for their national rally in DC. It's time to tell Washington to Bring Our War Dollars Home for vital needs like universal healthcare!

Tell the Senate to end the war in Afghanistan and support a single-payer healthcare system.

Step by step, people from around the country are demanding that Obama end the Afghan War. Soon, thanks to your encouragement, our mayors will reiterate the demand at their National Conference later this month

This week we won the right to dance at our nation's memorials. Now let's win the bigger victories--bringing our troops, and our war dollars, home!

Watch the arrests from last week: