Saturday, June 4, 2011

Grandmother Struck by Out of Control Van in Ozone Park, Queensby NJ Burkett -

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A grandmother is fighting for her life after two vans collided in Queens.

The force of the impact sent one of the vans careening through the intersection and onto the sidewalk.
The victim, a 53-year-old woman, was left sprawled across the pavement, gasping for breath and covered in blood.

Family members say she was waiting on the corner to cross the street, on her way to pick up her grandchildren from school.

The accident happened at 103rd Avenue and 93rd Street in Ozone Park.

There is a stop sign on each corner, but witnesses told police the van ran one of them and ended-up on the sidewalk after it was struck broadside by another vehicle.

Neighbors say it's not only tragic, it's infuriating because it happens all the time.

We watched tonight as drivers routinely barreled through the intersection without stopping-or looking.

It happened over and over and over again, barely three hours after the blood and car parts from this latest crash had been cleared from the street.

The van came to rest on the doorstep of 85-year-old Anita Bajardi, whose insurance company installed steel poles to protect her home because accidents are so common.