Saturday, June 4, 2011

Here's to the Schools! SOS March and National Call To Action

Learn more at This is the last in our series putting forward the values teachers, students and parents want to see given priority in the nation's policies around public education. This is not a call for the status quo, but for support that will actually make our society more just and creative! Hear people from many backgrounds elaborate during activities in Washington DC and around the country this July. DC Conference: July 28-29, March: July 30, Congress: July 31

Written by Anthony Cody, Edited by Tom Valens, Narrated by Jim Griffiths
Photos- "One Room School" edited by Raymond Bial, "The Story of American Public Education," edited by Sarah Mondale, Central Park East School, Phoebe Ferguson
Film: "TEACH" by Robert Lamothe, "To Make A Difference" and "August to June: Bringing Life to School," by Tom Valens, "World Peace and Other Fourth Grade Achievements," by Chris Farina, "Children and Asthma," by Light- Saraf Films, "Lessons From the Real World" by Bob Gliner.