Saturday, June 25, 2011

Statement from William C. Thompson, On The Passage of New York’s Marriage Equality Legislation

“History will define today as a pivotal moment in the fight for equal rights for all.

I applaud Governor Cuomo, the State Senators and Assembly Members who recognized the tenor of the times and heard their constituents' voices, and the LGBT advocates and activists and supporters who served on the front lines of this long-fought battle to ensure equality for all.

Today is long overdue. The passage of time since marriage equality was unsuccessfully introduced a year ago has yielded more open minds and open hearts. I commend our leaders for employing not only common sense but courage, and a conviction to do what simply is right.

On this day, we all should reflect not just on our own lives and the privileges and rights we have, but those of our sisters and brothers, colleagues and friends, and realize that the playing field doesn't favor everyone. There are still challenges ahead. All too often we hear about anti-gay attacks in our city, state and nation. Changing the law does not necessarily change all minds.

My true hope is that today's action will create a wave of acceptance and a recognition that where you love should not be determined by where you live.

As a longtime supporter of marriage equality, I shared the pain endured by my colleagues and friends who could not get married in New York, and now share the joy of progress.
I am proud that as a New Yorker I live in a State that acknowledges that the people you love should not define the limits of your rights. Instead, through today's vote, our State leaders have shown that love and the law can go hand in hand.”