Thursday, June 16, 2011

DiResto Eying Pheffer's Assembly Seat by Toni Cimino - Queens Courier

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Retired NYPD Lieutenant Glenn DiResto may be throwing his hat in the ring for Audrey Pheffer’s empty Assembly seat.
At least one person may be throwing his hat in the ring for Audrey Pheffer’s empty Assembly seat.

Retired NYPD Lieutenant Glenn DiResto said he decided to explore the possibility of running for the seat after Pheffer’s former chief of staff, Jo Ann Shapiro, decided not to run.

“Jo Ann has a tremendous amount of experience and would have been a great candidate. However, with her not running it makes the race more appealing,” said DiResto.

DiResto was a former City Council candidate in the 2009 Special Election that was won by Eric Ulrich.

“I am interested in the position because the problems that face our neighborhoods are the same as they were two years ago,” said DiResto. “We really need someone who understands the problems of the neighborhoods and has the personal, professional and civic experience to help solve those problems.”

DiResto has said he does not expect to get an official party line designation and notes he “hopes to be making a final decision in the next couple weeks” as to whether or not he will run.

“As a constituent, I believe everyone has an opportunity to run,” said County Clerk Pheffer. “There are many people who are very involved, and those who run must be responsive to the community.”

The 23rd Assembly district encompasses areas of Ozone Park, Howard Beach and the Rockaways. Pheffer told The Courier that the biggest challenge for whoever fills the seat will be the budget.

“He or she needs preparation to learn the process and make decisions,” she said. “The budget process is tough, and there’s still a deficit.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo has not yet set a date for the Special Election.