Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tonight New York Made History - Bill de Blasio

Forty-two years ago at a small bar in Greenwich Village, New Yorkers took a stand against discrimination and the gay rights movement was born. Tonight, New York made history once again, becoming the largest state in the country to pass marriage equality.
This victory was only made possible because of the tireless dedication and advocacy of millions of New Yorkers, some gay, some straight, all fighting to ensure that every person in our state is guaranteed the same rights and privileges.
This historic day is also due in large part to the leadership of Governor Cuomo. I congratulate the Governor, the State Assembly and the State Senate for this historic step forward. I applaud those legislators who have fought on the front lines for years and also those legislators who courageously found it within themselves and in the voices of their constituents to vote 'yes' for the first time.

Bill de Blasio
NYC Public Advocate