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Almost 8,000 birds were spotted on Sunday during the annual Christmas Bird Count in Central Park, the highest number in four years. [Lost in the Ozone]

Maybe all the birds are here for the New York City pizza. [Brooklyn Parrots]

Over the weekend, an anchorwoman for CBS 3 in Philadelphia pleaded not guilty to assaulting a New York City police officer. [Phillyist, Wake Up America]

On Wal-Mart, the holidays and winning the “ovarian lottery.” [Worldchanging Business]

Calculate your “vampire energy” use. [Apartment Therapy]

In Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, Haitian-Creole pirate radio interference is a problem. [Ditmas Park]

Here’s a bargain tip: Some people discard Christmas trees before leaving for the holidays. [Found in Brooklyn]

‘Look at the pretty lights in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, the center of Christmas spirit. [Gowanus Lounge]

Valleywag likes the idea of the boss, Nick Denton, being kept busy as editor of Gawker. [Valleywag]

Does size matter when it comes to menorahs? [Brooklyn Heights Blog]

Was a video of the Rev. Al Sharpton offering to secure a multimillion-dollar business deal in exchange for a political donation the impetus for the federal investigation into his 2004 presidential campaign? [Stereohyped]

The transportation commissioner loves bikes, and we love this photograph. [Streetsblog]

A system for setting the baseball records straight in light of the Mitchell Report. [Yansfan vs. Soxfan]